While its common knowledge that turning off the air conditioning would automatically reduce the bill, there are other less drastic measures to do so as well. Since the temperatures in Brisbane can keep soaring and the need for air conditioning is always on the rise, certain measures can help ensure that the utility bills don’t sky rocket beyond your means.

The following tips from the air conditioning installation experts in Brisbane can help lower the bills:

  • Make sure that the air conditioner is working as efficiently as possible. There are several thing which would cause the cooling unit to work properly. You have to take care of all those matters. When an air conditioner isn’t properly maintained it may need to work harder and this is reflected in the electricity bills as well. A unit which doesn’t cool properly has to ensure that its condenser works over time and thus leads to huge utility bills.
  • Always clean the filters on a regular basis. The filters help keep the dust and pollutants away from the cooling unit. However filters need to be changed or cleaned on a regular basis as well. This is why a clogged filter doesn’t perform its function in the right manner. It allows the dust to enter into the home and cause indoor pollution as well. Plus clogged filters would also cause the cooling to go down and you would notice that the air conditioner is not cooling as efficiently as it was before.
  • Make sure you have a programmable thermostat installed by a professional at air conditioning installation in Brisbane. While the thermostat ensures that things stay cold while you are at home and when to switch off or work on room temperature when you are not around. Thermostats come in varying prices the least expensive can cost as little thirty dollars. However, investing in a innovative one would allow you to control the temperature settings through your smart phone as well. So if you are travelling you can ensure that the unit is switched off and it is switched on before you enter your home back from the vacations. This would make sure everything is comfortable for you.
  • Also you can do the easiest part and that is to make the temperature go up by two or three degrees. This can cause a major shift in the utility bills. Also such a small shift in temperature isn’t really apparent and can be managed.
  • Close the blinds. The darker the rom the easier it is to cool. Too much warmth from the sunlight while is necessary, but if you want to ensure your bills go down, make sure the room is darkened before you switch on the cooling unit.
  • Make sure the windows and doors are properly insulated. The insulation allows the cool air to remain in your home and prevent energy los as well.

The above mentioned tips would surely help bring down those mounting electricity bills.


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