Installing a sparkling water tap for your commercial space is always a good idea. Whether you are a restaurant owner or on a small business, sparkling water is a big hit with just about everyone. Most people prefer drinking it due to its bubbly taste and tangy flavor.

It is one of the best ways for quenching your thirst on those extra hot days. Also it is a great pick me up when mixed with a little bit of cordial. But this is not only what you can use sparkling water for. In fact it has quite a number of other users as well.

The reasons why you should have commercial grade sparkling water systems installed in your home.

Uses of sparkling water

  • Sparkling water is a great way of getting rid of stubborn stains. For any number of times that you spill tea or coffee on the office carpet, instead of running around looking for a paper towel, just rub the affected area with sparkling water. Also if you do tend to spill your drink while you are out at a restaurant, you know they have a steady supply of sparkling water. So make sure you ask for it and get rid of any stains on your dress or shirt.
  • It is also a great substitute for water in cooking. It gives that light texture to your food. When use in pancakes instead of milk, it tends to give the pancakes fluffier look and less dense appearance.
  • Also so it can be used to clean the spills and stains on the floor as well. Getting rid of stains from a surface like porcelain, granite or marble can be tough. However carbonated water is the perfect cleaning agent to ensure that the floor looks sparkling and shiny. Just kill some of it on the stain and then use it dry clothes to remove it. You would be astonished to see how easy it is able to lift the stains.
  • You can even wash your windscreen with the help of sparkling water. It easily gets rid of bird droppings and the muck around the car. If you are looking for a particularly squeaky clean windshield do consider spraying a little bit a sparkling water on it.
  • Also if you feel that your hair is looking dull and greasy, try adding a few drops of sparkling water to it. It can restore the shine and color of your hair. If you are an avid swimmer you might also be aware of the have of that chlorine does onto your hair color. Using this step can also help restore the usual color of your hair.
  • For those who suffer from in digestion, carbonated water is a good remedy. The trace amount of carbonic acid found in sparkling water is known to restore the digestion and improve gut health.
  • It can even be used to clean your jewelry. Any necklaces or rings that you wear on a daily basis tend to lose the shine. Do not worry simply immerse them in a small glass of sparkling water for that return of the original luster.

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