One of the most common practices that every responsible gardener in Australia is involved in after every few months is garden edging. You will be surprised to know that garden edging is not only popular in Australia. In countries like the United States, it is increasingly becoming the commonest practice.

Well, garden edging has continually become modernised as people continue gaining more knowledge in the gardening field. You will agree that having a good garden edge is one of the things that defines whether your garden looks messy or professional.

Luckily, you may not need a professional gardener to do the job for you. You can easily Do It Yourself (DIY) if you know exactly what you want to see in your garden edges. But assuming that you are a beginner who wants to make his or her garden well-groomed, we are here to give you some cool ideas of the materials you can use in our modern society to do garden edging. So let’s dive in.

Flower bed and some brick border

Perhaps this is the easiest that you will find in most homes because of how simple it is. Whether you are a novice or a professional gardener in Australia, you can use these bricked flower beds to do your garden edging. If you want to make it even more attractive, you can decide to use some smooth stones in your brick border. Other gardeners have gone even further and painted their brick border in alternating colours. And the result has been awesome.

River stones

Well, you usually find this in homes whose owners want to have the best outlook. In this edging, you dig a shallow trench which is usually cemented, and you fill the trench with these river stones. Sometimes people use a brick border which usually makes the edging more attractive.

Some flowers and normal stones

Sometimes, gardeners just want to make things simple. And in this case, they usually go for this awesome modern garden edging practice. As the name suggests, the gardener plants the flowers and surrounds them with normal stones. This time you don’t use a brick border or some river stones but just normal stones.

White rocks

Well, instead of using river stones which are usually small, some gardeners decide to use large gardens which are usually white; they look like large river stones. Beautifully, you don’t have to use any cement to put them together. You just lay them side by side in a good pattern. They are increasingly becoming popular among the Australian millennia.

Wood-framed, river stones, and low-water plants edge

This is another awesome garden edging style that is being used by most gardeners who want to make their garden look classical. Most ultramodern hotels are using this garden edging to make their premises beautiful. In this edging, you make wood frames, fill them with some beautiful river stones, and plant some water plants.

Bushes, flowers, and normal rocks

This is another popular garden edging practice that many gardeners in Australia are using. It is a good edging practice for those living in rocky areas. You can simply use those medium-sized stones to act as an edge around the flowers and bushes in your garden.

Woven branch fences

Lastly, you can decide to use some branch fences with raised garden to make garden edges. It also gives a great outcome that will make your home compound more organised.

Choose a modern garden edging that’s affordable, easy to acquire and install, and easy to maintain.


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