Getting high organic visibility on an online search engine is always one of the best things for your air conditioning company. But the industry is so competitive that achieving better SEO rating is increasingly becoming difficult.

It would be best if you outperformed as well as out-compete your rivals in that specific niche, by using the latest strategies. There are multiple strategies to apply. But if you do not do them effectively, it will result in poor results.

Essentially, you need consistent effort, but in the right direction. Analyse the effort and time you require to make meaningful progress. Below are some practical strategies you can apply to make your organic visibility yield results.

Create a Mobile-First Website Design

Nowadays, mobile phones are the best way to sell products and services. Thus, web designers shifted to creating mobile responsive websites.

That is great. Your number one job should be to get not only a mobile-ready, site but a site that fast on the mobile phones. Remember, people always abandon a page that loads slowly, however important it may be.

Many people access the internet using mobile phones rather than desktops. And, the majority have local intent. You should please them because the mobile market is somewhat indispensable.

Search engines use mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. So the best web page outranks others. You can maximise mobile-friendliness by:

  • Replace PDF brochures with HTML web pages. PDF is hard to read on mobile
  • Inquiry forms should be easy to use – the fields should be large enough to make entries on the phone
  • The icon/logo should always be in view regardless of how far down the page visitors scroll – lock with click-to-call functionality at the top.
  • Keep paragraphs short – ideally 2-3 lines, and also use much white space.
  • Lock the tab navigation at the top of your page
  • Keep the navigation simple.

Prioritise local SEO

Drawing new customers can be a challenge for air conditioning companies. So investing in local SEO can save you because:

  • You get speedy results.
  • There is a free traffic
  • Search engines are your new yellow page

Local SEO is the type of SEO with a focus on local businesses, to make a company organically rank on search engine’s organic searches within a specific geographic area. So, you must pay critical attention to aspects like:

  • Physical address, company name, and phone number. Display this information on all pages of your website.
  • Create and retain positive reviews on high profile and reputable review sites with a bias on air conditioning
  • Get citations of your business on both local and regional news, and local business websites.

Identify and optimise your keywords.

What keywords are you targeting? Create a list of keywords describing your air conditioning services. You can use various keyword tools to determine the amount of traffic on each of the keywords you choose. After that, specify your final choice, which should be the best keywords.

You should not do keyword optimisation only once. Rather, make it an ongoing process of your marketing campaign. That gives you the benefit of identifying new opportunities in the air conditioning sphere.

Therefore, keyword research shouldn’t be a set and forget scenario. Strive to continually perform research on relevant keywords to expand your keyword database. As a result, you will increase traffic to your site, leads as well as sales.

Did you know that other SEO aspects rely on optimisation of keywords? Further, it touches even SEO marketing efforts.

So you need to create stellar home pages, service pages as well as the content.


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