Curtain installation might seem simple, but if the correct procedure is not followed, you might end up damaging the rod and other important parts, making them uninstallable. You need to know the best way to install all the parts and avoid damaging them.

Steps of curtain installation

Here are crucial steps that you must follow when putting your curtain in place. Make sure you understand each one clearly and complete them one at a time to avoid confusion and unnecessary stress.

  1. Purchase the right type of curtain for your place – The first step is to buy a curtain that will fit your windows. Make sure that it is not too large or too small to avoid an inappropriate look.
  2. Mark the bottom line of where your curtain will fall on the wall – Mark the bottom of where you want your curtain to fall after it is hung. You can use the curtain to mark the position. The bottom line depends on whether the person prefers to use the bottom space, or let the curtain extend to the floor.
  3. Keep in mind whether you want to draw the curtains back entirely or leave some hanging – You should also consider how far you will draw your curtains back. For instance, some people prefer drawing the curtains completely away from the window, while others only draw it back a bit for some light.
  4. Install the rod either on the casing or outside the casing – The rod can be placed either on the casing of the window frame or the outer wall. Placing it on the outer wall will help to hide the rod from the outside and maintain an excellent appearance.
  5. Take rod measurements – After deciding on the location of the rod, you should take appropriate measurements that will help you know the exact place for installing the rods.
  6. Mark the screw location – You should also mark where the screws will go into the wall. They should be in line with each other to avoid uneven distribution of weight.
  7. Drill pilot holes – Pilot holes will help you to drive the screw into the wall with ease. It also helps avoid destroying your walls.
  8. Screw the brackets in place – After you install the rod in place, you can now screw the brackets in place to prevent the screws from falling out of the wall.
  9. Place the curtain – After you complete the above steps, you can now put your curtain fabrics in place and test if everything is alright.

Tips for styling the curtains

Here are a few tips to help you install your curtains in style:

  • Hang your curtain very high – If you want your ceiling to appear higher, hang your curtains as high as they will go.
  • The curtain should graze the floor – It is important for the curtain to just touch the floor, or hang just an inch away. It shows that the curtain is not under or oversized. It also prevents the bottom part from getting dirty.
  • The fabric should complement the room – Lastly, the curtain fabric should match the colour and outlook of the room and any home appliances.

Curtain installation is a process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure that the curtains are well-placed.

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