Much has been written about Russell Kororareka and you can learn about this very special place from any of the links on our website, so we won’t go into what already exists.  Rather, we would like to share with you in just a few words our reasons for being here.

The view from the top of the ZigZag on an early autumn morning when the Bay is quiet and the stillness of town reflects the tranquility in one’s heart.

The uniform rythm of paddles dipping into the waters as a waka makes its way across the Bay.

The sight of dolphins playing 25 meters from the shore of Long Beach.

The colours of the rainbows stretching across the sky as gently falling rain mingles with sunlight on a spring afternoon.

The gathering of community in front of the RSA on ANZAC Day to commemorate those who have served their country.

The Kapa Haka contests and voices of the Russell school children as they come to understand their heritages.

The passion and compassion for our environment and the value this communtiy has for its historic and exquisite quality of life.

The joy of walking into any shop and being greeted with a smile.

This is Russell Kororareka, the oldest town in New Zealand.

This is the home of Just Imagine.


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