Polished concrete floors may be the thing you need when you are looking for a newer flooring solution. Polished concrete floors are not something new. However, it is only lately that industries and residential properties have seen the multiple benefits provided by polished concrete floors.

Polished concrete floors provide a lot of pros, making it the most popular flooring option for all commercial and residential spaces.



Polished concrete floors offer the same flooring options out on the market today. However, the long-term cost comparison of polished concrete floors to other types of flooring options makes it the least expensive of all.

This type of flooring is meant to last so long as it is properly maintained. The durability of polished concrete floors far outlasts any other types of flooring solutions. The price difference of a few cents’ costs of polished concrete floors over other kinds of flooring still makes it the best option for the benefits of durability and longevity gained from it.


Low maintenance

Polished concrete floors are probably the easiest floor to maintain compared to other floor types. The floors are guaranteed to last for a long time while maintaining its sleek look with weekly scrubbing and a daily sweep.

Less scrubbing is also required by polished concrete floors that are subjected to daily wear and tear from vehicles and forklifts. The floor does not need to be shined, waxed or polished even with its susceptibility to grease and oil. The lustre of the floor will keep for years on end even with the heaviest traffic.



Longevity is perhaps the greatest strength of polished concrete floors. The minimal upkeep will always make this type of floor look bright and shiny over the years.


Dust-free concrete

Concrete dusting is the result of wear and tear happening on normal concrete floors. Normal concrete floors are not durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear over the years.

This means that dents, cracks, and seams are likely to appear in normal concrete floors. When this happens, a fine powder is produced as the materials break down. Concrete dusting can be a nuisance when it comes to cleaning. However, the dusting, other than a nuisance, can also wreak havoc with your health and the conditions of manufactured goods and delicate equipment.


Helps lower energy consumption

The energy consumption is lowered with the natural and sustainable solution provided by polished concrete floors. Natural and ambient lighting is the impeccable ability provided by this type of flooring.

The natural sheen and brightness of the floor also mean using fewer lights to light up a room. Large spaces using polished concrete flooring rely less on artificial lighting with the natural shine and reflection given off by the floors.


Aesthetic appeal

The natural beauty of concrete is magnified in polished concrete. The look of high-end polished stone such as granite and marble is easily mimicked and achieved by polished concrete floors. With little maintenance or upkeep, polished concrete floors provide commercial and residential properties a beautiful and stylish look over the years.


Eco-friendly flooring

The flooring solution provided by the grinding and polishing of concrete makes it sustainable and eco-friendly. The long-lasting properties and the low levels of waste produced during installation as well as enhancing the air quality are just some of the important reasons to consider polished concrete floors environmentally-friendly.


The multiple pros provided by polished concrete floors make it the ideal one to have for businesses and homes. Get your polished concrete from Bethell Flooring.





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