Are you thinking about upgrading your current land scape? The thought of having to spend all that extra cash just to beautify your outdoor space can be pretty much quailing. However there are some tips and trick which can help you carry out landscaping on a budget. Make sure you go rough the following tips from Byron bay landscaping experts.

The following budget friendly ideas would make any project a breeze and help beautify your outdoor space without burning a hole in the pocket:


Make use of the old stuff lying around in the garage

Got a few spare tires lying about? You can turn those into interesting landscaping deigns. Paint the tire any color you desire, attach it to the wall of the backyard and grown in a few plants. It not only looks quirky but is actually an interesting way of growing plants.

You can even use the tires, especially the big ones to create a man-made pond. It’s pretty simple and looks really quaint and charming.

Don’t worry if your space isn’t too big

Even if you don’t have a large space to work around with you can make the most of the small space by using a few smart ad fun idea. Consider vertical gardening. It’s fun, and doesn’t take a great deal of space either. Plus vertical gardens have a charm of their own. An old world charm of hanging gardens.

You can throw in a vertical ladder, hand a few terra cocotte pots and connect them with a wire for some rustic appeal. You can even grow herbs in the vertical garden. Get your hands on a few wooden pots and plant a herb garden. Not only do u get stuff for the kitchen but can create a quaint looking herb garden as well.

Add some color

If you actually want to make the area pop, just add a splash of color. You can either pint the planters a bright color like red or yellow or you can try planting a few colorful flowers for the added effect. You can position the flowers on the deck or the patio, whatever appeal to you fancy.


Grow your own vegetables

What could be more effective then growing your own vegetables? Also herb gardens can actually help repel the bugs and keep them at by. This way you don’t have to worry about the pesky little creatures wreaking havoc on the vegetables.


Plant some trees

One of the most budget friendly landscaping trick is to plant some trees in strategic positions. Once the tree is in bloom it can provide you with shade and cover. Plus you can even hang a wing on one of those trees for a charming and rustic appeal.


Choose fairy lights

It is an affordable lighting idea and one which looks great as well. It just looks so very pretty all those fairy lights blinking in the dark woven around the trees.


If you think landscaping your outdoor space on your own is a daunting task, ask for expert help from Fig Landscapes in Byron Bay.


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