Double glazed windows comprise of a double layer of glass. The space between the two layers of glass is vacuum. It can also be filled with an inert gas which helps reduce the loss of energy which is common in homes with single layered windows. Although the main purpose of double glazed windows is to offer insulation for homes to prevent energy loss, there are other benefits of using double glazed windows in Melbourne.

  • Unlike traditional glazing, double glazing can help prevent energy losses to about 30 to 50%. These offer a barrier which is better at regulating temperatures within the home. When the weather turns hot the windows can help prevent the heat from entering through the windows. While some people have glass doors installed in their homes, they would benefit from adding double glazing to their glass doors as well.
  • If you live in a neighborhood which is noisy, the sound can be a major turn off. The best thing to do is to make sure that there is double glazing on the windows. These windows won’t allow the noise to pass through. With the help of these windows you would be able to retain a peaceful atmosphere in our home. On the other hand these windows offer the maximum privacy. Whatever happens in the home stays inside. So if you are worried about nosy neighbors you would be more than happy to have the privacy offered by double glazed windows.
  • It’s also quite tough to break through double glazed windows. This increase the security of your home. While vandals might find it easier to shatter your window glass, this isn’t so easy if you have double glazed windows.
  • Homes with double gazed windows are able to retain most of the cooling and heating within their homes. This means that you cooling appliances have to work less hard. Setting the thermostat at a regulated temperature can help reduce the electricity bills.
  • Double glazed windows increase the value of your home. The fact that your home is comfortable to live in is enough to attract potential buyers. In case if you ever consider selling your home, double glazed windows would tip the balance in your favor.
  • These windows also reduce the damage to the things inside your home. The harsh UV rays of the sun can cause more damage then you anticipate. These might cause the upholstery to fade over a period of time. Any other structures exposed to the harsh sunlight would deteriorate as well.
  • Reduces condensation on window panes. These droplets of water are a major cause of mold growth. Mod is an allergen and can cause problem for those who suffer mold allergies. Double glazed windows do not allow condensation to form on the glass and thus prevents the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Double glazed windows are also a quite attractive home improvement. It can immediately add a look of modernity to your homes.

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